Did we say consulting collective? Yes! Our organization is purposely structured to keep our overhead low. Combined with a unique relationship with professors and students at American University's School of International Service, Strategic Good is able to keep its costs down while still offering top-notch services and expertise. This savings is passed on to our partners, allowing us fulfill our mission of providing affordable assistance to a wide spectrum of high-impact organizations that need our help. At Strategic Good, we are committed to and passionate about supporting those who are busy creating positive change in the world.

​​Are we saying that we're a "social enterprise consulting firm consulting social enterprises"? Yes! Because it's a palindrome and fun to say. But more importantly, like our partners, we prioritize creating impact over creating profit. 

Nick Boedicker
Founder and Managing Director
Nick Boedicker is a development professional with experience in program and project management, impact evaluation, social entrepreneurship, design thinking, and creating innovative and engaging training materials. Nick holds a Master of Arts in Social Enterprise from the School of International Service at American University in Washington, DC and a Bachelor of Arts from Georgetown University. Recently, Nick has been working internationally on development projects in Africa and Asia and domestically with migrant and resettled refugee populations. Nick is also a member of the Board of Directors of 2Gether International, a DC-based nonprofit working to break down social barriers between people with disability and people without.
Robert Tomasko
Key Advisor

Robert Tomasko directs the Social Enterprise Program and holds a faculty appointment at American University, where he teaches graduate courses in corporate social responsibility, effective activism, leadership, NGO management and social entrepreneurship. Before coming to American University he was an author, business consultant, and frequent speaker at management conferences throughout the world. Over 100,000 copies of his books have been sold, and they have been translated into Chinese, Dutch, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish. He has advised clients throughout the world on issues of organization and strategy, including Coca-Cola, Exxon, Ford, Marriott, Mitsubishi, Telstra, Toyota, chemical manufacturers in France and Japan, oil companies in Peru and Thailand, and four of the “Baby Bell" regional telephone companies. His public sector clients include Auditor General of Canada, Presidential Commission on World Hunger, US Federal Aviation Administration, US Navy, and UNICEF.


We're currently working with the Archimedes Project to ensure continued success in designing social enterprises that leverage cross-sector collaboration, local partnerships, and a relentless focus on scale and financial viability to address the world's toughest problems.


We worked with Mission: Launch, Inc. - a Maryland-based nonprofit working to help women recover and reconnect to ensure a successful re-entry after incarceration - and the organization's target beneficiaries to test and redesign their website to be more in line with the needs of their clients. 

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Strategic Good created an M&E plan for 2Gether International, a DC-based nonprofit that focuses on social inclusion of persons with disability and empowering students implement disability-related project on their campuses and in their home communities.

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The needs of every organization are as unique as the people working within them. Likewise, we aren't able to list all of our possible service offerings on our website. Contact us to schedule a free consultation. We'll listen to your situation and let you know how we might

Strategic Good LLC is a consulting collective based in Washington, DC that aids nonprofits and social enterprises around the world in fulfilling their organizational goals. 

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